Monday, June 7, 2010

Gamers Understand: Palin is Levelling Up

Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs writes this:

Palin just gets better and better, and she was brilliant to begin with. It is no wonder Obama and his left-wing paramilitary thugs are scared to death of her. This is what the leader of the free world should sound like.
It reminds me of what I told people back in November 2008 after Sarah Palin lit up the Republican ticket like a lightning bolt. If you think she's big now, wait until 2012. She'll be a behemoth by then.

The harsh criticism from the left, the lamestream media and those in pop culture who caricatured Palin as dumb was directed at a focused young governor with her head deep into the problems of Alaska who had to suddenly shift gears and involve herself in international policy while being expected to remember every Supreme Court case ever decided at the same time. All of this had to happen within 57 days mind you.

Yet even the fanfare, embellishment and the excessive overdubbing of off key instruments on the master historical recording during the moments of the song where Palin may have stumbled as humans are prone to do, Palin was a rock star who drew enormous crowds to her rallies and immediately took some of America's eyes off of "the one" whose thundering speech from in front of Greek columns vaporizes today in the explosion of the truth.

I warned friends and foes alike. Sarah Palin is not a snapshot in time. She is an evolving candidate.

I soon after realized that the left was helping "the monster" level up by challenging it and attacking it in such ways that only made it stronger. If this was a video game, Sarah Palin was practically out of life points when she resigned, but she made it out of "Huffington's Lair" in time to drink the red heart bottle that replenishes your life points. Like Super Mario, Palin grows in size and eventually threatens all liberals in her path.

She continues to battle the three headed hydra of Diva, Homer and Mudflats as well as the "Oberlord of the information wasteland" and continues to stand tall. In fact she now flicks them off her shoulder like a bug.

For every mainstream media hit story about her that gets debunked, she gets power points - and considering how relentless the media has been in this area, that's a lot of power points. If she was a pokemon, she was a level 15 in 2008, she's a level 20 now and I suspect by the time she has to duel Obamamon in 2012, she will probably be a 40.

Considering how good she was in 2008 and the fact that she is even stronger now, just imagine what she is going to look like next year. When the liberals look up at that towering warrior, they may want to just run and hide.

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