Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sarah Knows We're Here

How much does Sarah Palin know about her army? How deep does the connection between leader and supporters go? I'm always seeing signs that she is not the typical politician who is out there just to court our votes and support so she can advance an agenda, a career path or merely personal gain. Tammy Bruce summed it up in one simple blog post: "Sarah Palin Likes Us."

I got to know of Tammy Bruce after I saw a post on Team Sarah that encouraged everyone to watch Bill O'Reilly's show one night because someone named Tammy Bruce was going to be on. Okay, so I did. I liked what she had to say and after learning more about her, I of course, drew a positive opinion of her from her staunch support of Sarah Palin and made a mental note to add her to my list of folks "that were in the army."

I was off from work one day so I had the opportunity to listen to Tammy's radio show. As I listened, I was also tweeting. Then she read one of my tweets on the air. I was like, wow. We Palinistas really do pay attention to what each other say. I tweeted my thanks to her and she thanked me for listening to the show.

People work for praise, appreciation and THEN the money. I learned that in a success training course I took back in the 1990s. Yes people have to make money and pay their bills. But people will never truly be committed to a cause or a goal if they feel as if their efforts are not worthwhile. When you recognize and appreciate someone, you are motivating them. You are telling them "keep up the good fight." As a manager and a business owner, this will make me more money than any marketing campaign that focuses on my bottom line.

I felt motivated. I felt good the day Tammy recognized me on her program. But that feeling has to pale in comparison to how she must feel after Sarah Palin tweeted this to her: "@HeyTammyBruce...doing job r"freedom-of-the-press-loving"mainstream media should be doing.Thx,Tammy,for giving us info not readily available."


Liberals were complaining that Sarah Palin was staying in hotels and flying on personal jets during her book tour. They called her a hypocrite for trying to act like one of the people. I, on the other hand, found it quite moving that Sarah and her publishing company would go to the expense of paying for all those flights and all those hotel rooms. You know why? Because if she drove she would have never had the time to get to see all of us. She was doing all of that for us, not because she wanted to fly on nice planes or stay in fancy hotels. She wanted to meet all of her followers.

If we were willing to drive a few hours and stay overnight in the parking lot, Sarah Palin was willing to take time away from her family and friends to spend months on the road. It was the least we could do. If she was willing to come out in the ice and snow (and she literally did when I got my book signed in Fairfax, VA), the least we could do is go meet her. Yeah she was promoting her book. But that wasn't the hidden agenda. The hidden agenda was she was promoting us.

When Sarah Palin told David Asman last week in a Fox Business News interview that we need a "Reaganesque character in the White House" I cheered because, like always, Sarah was right again. But I was also a little inquisitive as to how she herself would perceive that comment if she was watching the video of that interview. A success coach once told me that part of self awareness is having the ability to see yourself as others see you and not just through the prism of your own thoughts and biases.

Which means that Sarah would have to get past her humility and look at the reality of what she said and have to realize that she is the one being called to be that figure.

I had a twitter conversation with a guy who is very active in the Palin movement and I take him at his word. He told me "she knows she's the won." And it wasn't meant in an egotistical way. We see Sarah Palin as our leader. Critics say we worship her. A picture photoshopped by a supporter to make Sarah look like a queen circulated on the web about a year ago. Yes we're nuts sometimes. But we have a reason. We believe she can make America great again.

We're the self interested ones. It's not a bad thing. We want our children to have a great country and not a debt laden disaster. But in reality, we're the ones that want something out of this deal. In our minds, Sarah is our great leader. Yet in her mind, she is our servant. She has always talked about leading "with a servants heart."

Let's face it. No one is going to take the crap that the media and the liberals have given her just to make a few bucks. She can do that without the spotlight. She's doing this for us. We owe her. We owe it her to help her and support her.

Sarah knows we're here and we know she loves us. We need to tell her we feel the same about her.

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