Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Awesome Quote of the Day 06/29/2010

Josh Painter at Texas for Sarah Palin:
We believe Gov. Palin's endorsements of a few moderate Republicans, sprinkled as they are among the much greater majority of conservative candidates who have received her blessing, are beginning to bear some fruit. They may not have set well with the absolutists on the far right, but they have helped to broaden her appeal significantly. One does not win the White House solely on appeals to the left or the right. Ronald Reagan proved that conservatives win when they make conservative principles make sense to the broader spectrum of American voters. Despite the left's worst efforts to define her as a far right winger, Sarah Palin is breaking through that false narrative to demonstrate that her common sense brand of conservatism shares common ground with the concerns of a growing share of the U.S. electorate in these tough times. Like Reagan, she remains optimistic about an American future when that America returns to Reagan's shining city on a hill. And that precisely where Sarah Palin is leading it.
That is some awesome work!

For those that still don't believe she can do it, read my post at Patrick's World USA.

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