Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Tribute To Sarah Palin and Her Supporters

Sarah Palin: “There’s a whole army of patriotic Davids out there”

It’s so encouraging to see the topics I could be writing about or the political positions I could be taking being articulated abundantly across the new media and in the blogosphere. It was but a couple of years ago that a small group of us set sail on the USS Team Sarah to take on the hateful Palin bashers online and in the mainstream media. The task looked daunting, but we were willing to use “brute rhetorical force” if necessary to defend the honor and the truth about one of the most exciting political leaders to hit the scene since – I know it’s getting played out – Ronald Reagan. Though the wind is still blowing in our faces, our numbers continue to grow and our voices continue to get heard more and more.

Those of you who I’ve had the honor of meeting online and assisting with the effort to stop the destruction of Sarah Palin know who you are. It all began on the comment sections in the bowels of hell on websites like the Anchorage Daily News, the Washington Post and the New York Daily News as well as anywhere else they would post their hit pieces on Sarah Palin. From there, we built our own blogs. At the same time, Conservatives4Palin became the front line push back on the brutal assault of a wonderful woman with the right values and the deepest love of country of anyone this side of, well, you know who.

The media has spent so much time and spewed so much vitriol over the past two and a half years trying to put fake skeletons into an empty closet. Knowing that Sarah was “clean” by political standards, the media silently trembled and privately sought ways of dealing with a frightening sense of the inevitable by portraying her as a dummy, a liar, an extremist, an opportunist and whatever other caricature they could get the public to bite into. To this day, they continue to laugh off the impending hurricane that will sweep their front man Barack Obama out of the White House.

Given how well she has stood up to the intense pressure on her and her family, it’s simply amazing that she even still wants to do this thing. But, it’s her willingness to take on the brunt of the personal attacks on her and her family for the sake of her country that makes our bond with her even stronger. While the political weathermen keep telling us that storm Sarah will eventually peter out, they know full well that they can’t tell us that it’s really a category 5 without basically just handing her the keys to the White House.

They can lie to the Left. They can lie to the non-political people out there who don’t follow this stuff like we do. They can lie to us in the hopes that we will someday believe it. But we already know they're misguided. They’re losing. The Palin army is winning. There’s still much more work to be done and this thing is far from being in the bag, but we gain confidence with each passing day. We are not a fan club. We are not sycophants who are hypnotized by her words. She is us. Because of what she stands for politically, there is not much for her to do to earn our loyalty there. But, because of what she has done and what she has endured, it’s not a matter of her earning the level of admiration we have for her, it’s a matter of our being grateful that she would even take the crap that she has for us.

The Left needs to understand something that we on the Right have had a pretty good grasp of for all these years. It’s called reality. We were under no delusions that Barack Obama was not going to become president in 2008. We thought there was a chance Sarah could save us from that tidal wave, but she only had 57 days and little chance to prepare. By 2012, she will have had four years.

The naysayers who said she was weak on policy and needed to bone up can’t play that card anymore. Sarah Palin is a policy wonk who has consistently demonstrated how right she is on the issues. We are finding out that there will be a panel responsible for overseeing costs, particularly end of life costs, as part of Obamacare. She called it. We are finding out that inflation is really happening. She called it. We are finding out that Obama’s on the job training is not enough to have in a president. She called it. Cap and Trade is collapsing like a lawn chair underneath a fat guy. Sarah Palin called it. She said "drill, baby, drill," over two years ago. Look at what's happening with gas prices now. We can go on and on.

The only thing that the non political used to hear at cocktail parties a year ago came from people who don't have multi-million dollar book deals or who don't get paid $100,000 a speech. They could hide their own social and financial problems and get others to  nod their heads in agreement and succumb to the social pressure of believing the denigration that Palin is a loser. But that is all projection of someone else's personal insecurities which manifest thmeselves in the false caricature of Sarah Palin.

Things are slowly changing since a year or two ago. Today, the non-political are starting to hear things like, I like Sarah Palin but I don’t know if she can do it. For those of us in the Palin army looking for consolation, we’ll take this. Do you know why? Because even though the wind is still in our faces, it’s shifting. More and more people are beginning to take Sarah Palin seriously.

I understand the ringing endorsements aren’t flying just yet, but she is getting the attention of some important people like the Long Island Association, Michael Savage and Mike Gallagher. This doesn’t happen to lightweights. This doesn’t happen to the ethically challenged. This doesn’t happen to extremists. This doesn’t happen to dummies. This happens to people who have worked their tails off honing their skills, learning their craft and demonstrating by their example that they have what it takes to be seriously considered for the presidency of the United States.

For us, Sarah is the evolving candidate who impressed us with how good she was back then in 2008. Long before she had a television show or became an accomplished author, Fox News contributor, potential presidential candidate and sought after public speaker, we knew that as big as she was when John McCain chose her to be his running mate that she would only become even bigger.

Every idea and every thought I have is already out there now because there are larger and larger numbers of pro-Palin websites, pro-Palin bloggers and tweeters, talk radio hosts and people in the mainstream media and on Fox News who are standing up for Sarah Palin because they are starting to see it. Yet, Palin's opponents only has the same old leftovers in the mainstream media and in the blogosphere to continue their bashing of  her.

Just a Girl From Homer, Celtic Diva, the Mudflats and Immoral Minority looked big in an empty room two and a half years ago. Today, they are ants in a room crowded with ordinary barbarians, Palinistas and Tea Partiers who have decided that that only way to stop them from being successful in tearing down Sarah Palin is to drown them out. At the same time, the mainstream media continues to play the same loop over and over again, but it’s getting harder to hear the songs because the pro-Palin band is getting louder, bigger and better than ever.

Today we also see the lightning swift responses to smears on Sarah Palin. Websites now debunk myths within hours. When Tucker Carlson posted a tweet about Sarah Palin being from Milfistan, he was instantly called out on it. A poll's data was manipulated by the mainstream media to show that Sarah Palin's support in Iowa had declined when in fact it was on an upswing again. The Palin army is quick to correct the record. The internet is littered with Palin myths that have been debunked.

It’s been a long way, baby. It used to be we’d have to scramble quickly to get our thoughts out there on our blogs or on Twitter so that there would be another of many needed voices to push back on the loony myths being espoused by the Left. Today, by the time I’m done writing a post, there are a bunch of posts already up from other people that say what I wanted to say. I’m no longer writing in the dark. In fact, it’s getting really bright in here.

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