Friday, March 11, 2011

The Left's Abject Inability to Destroy Sarah Palin

Despite the Left's frantic (and well coordinated) lie, cheat and smear campaign which took Sarah Palin from who she really was to the caricature they portrayed her as in 2008; despite the frivolous ethics complaints, the continuous hits on the Anchorage Daily News and the continued smearing of her after the election was over; despite the media frenzy where they even got people on our side to say she's not electable and despite the horrible lies that continue til this day; Sarah Palin is a top tier contender for the 2012 GOP nomination.

Now we know why they were scared. They saw what we saw in her back then and it scared them into desperation. They lost their humanity. They lied about, slandered and smeared a fellow human being because they feared that she would expose their ideology as the morally and intellectually bankrupt philosophy that it really is. Just when they thought they were home free with America's loot, John McCain picked Sarah Palin and you could hear them all collectively whisper "oh crap."

You wonder if she'd be as skilled as she is now if she was able to waltz to the nomination and not have to level up one more time to counteract the Left's brainwashing of half the people in this country.

"After that [2008 RNC] speech, at least for two weeks, McCain/Palin surged ahead of Obama/Biden; she scared the s*it out of them," writes Ace of Spades (h/t Conservatives4Palin). "I still think that when they see Sarah Palin, she reminds them of those weeks of terror..." And now she's still here. That wasn't the plan. She was supposed to be politically dead by now.

Everything liberals touch turns to crap. Just look at how ineffective they are at running the country now that they're in power. What would make you think they'd be effective at destroying Sarah Palin? Many of us knew for the last two and a half years that they weren't going to beat her. They are the reason why the Palin army has her back so vigilantly. They created the very monster they have been trying to destroy.

What really has to have them in a cold sweat is that we're now heading into 2012 and Palin is firing on all cylinders. They have to be soiling themselves knowing that after all they did to try to destroy her, it may not work and she may end up becoming president after all.

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