Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Helium Writer Sheds Light On Palin's 2012 Chances

In a superb piece on Helium.com, Nancy Seddons precisely lands every truth about the left's fear of Sarah Palin and the real reason why she resigned the governorship. David Letterman, Chris Matthews and Anderson Cooper for some reason are hell bent on carrying on a dead meme with their swipes at Palin that pierce their roles as comedian, political commentary show host and journalist respectively. She quite clearly explains how the Left's attacks on her are more indicative of the fear they have for her than any real sense that she can't win the presidency; and she explains the resignation with pinpoint accuracy that it should be in every pro-Palin political ad on the subject should she run.
Now the next time someone brings up her resignation, remember what Seddons wrote:
She definitely knows how to duck and weave as demonstrated by her resignation of the governorship of Alaska. As Governor she was a sitting duck for frivolous lawsuits and ethics violations and in spite of every one of them being thrown out of court, she and her husband as well as the state of Alaska incurred huge expenditures.

The state had to investigate every ethics charge and the Governor and her husband were required to pay their own attorney fees. Rather than continue in office while, not having the time to do the job justice, going deeper into debt (about 500,000 in lawyer fees when she left) and seeing her state’s coffers drained, she stepped down and turned the reins over to the Lieutenant Governor. The sitting duck declined to sit still any longer.
She didn't retreat, she reloaded.


Humor (a take-off of the Sam Kinnison scene in Back to School)


Okay class, let's go over what happened with Palin losing the election in 2008 and resigning her governorship Sam Kinnison style.

Now, can someone tell me why Sarah Palin left the Governorship in Alaska?

(left wing blogger raises her hand and answers the question)

"The failure of Palin to win popular support after returning from a losing vice presidential campaign caused an ongoing erosion of confidence in her ability to govern and the various lower 48...but illegal... trips."

Is she right? 'Cause I know that's the popular version of what went on there. I know a lot of people like to believe that. I wish Sarah could, but she was there. She wasn't in her pajamas blogging in the basement hoping she was right, thinking about it. She was up to her knees in frivolous ethics complaints and unnecessary legal bills with a media that didn't do its job going up against liberals, sllugging it out with them while wussies like you were back here partyin', watchin' Saturday Night Live doin' drugs, listening to the g*&damn idiots on MSNBC!

(Rodney Dangerfield steps in)
"Hey, Professor, take it easy, will ya? These kids were only getting their information from the media at the time. And me... I'm not a journalist, I'm a regular guy."

Well, I didn't know you wanted to get involved with the discussion, Mr. Helper. But since you want to help,
maybe you can help me, OK?

You remember that thing we had two years ago called the election?

Yeah. Where we failed to achieve victory. How come we didn't point out Obama's radical associations and
and push those media misfits to the Great Wall of China and take the media and the Obama campaign apart brick by brick and smear them back into the f*&kin' stone age forever?

How come? Tell me?

"All right, I'll say it.
'Cause Steve Schmidt was too much was too much of of a wussy wimp to to let Palin be herself and go in and blow out those media bastards!"

Good answer. Good answer.

The next time someone asks you  to explain Palin's role in the 2008 election or her resignation from the governship, just remember Sam Kinnison and Rodney Dangerfield's scene in Back to School.

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