Monday, October 18, 2010

The Light of Liberty Burns Brighter

As we approach the November 2 elections, we can feel the optimism and the hope that we may finally put the breaks on the onslaught of Obama socialism. There are some great conservative candidates running for office across the country. Many of these candidates are fueld by the grass roots which has been energized by the Tea Party movement. When Sarah Palin was nearly beaten into submission by the liberal media, left wing bloggers and ankle biters in her own state who filed frivolous ethics complaints, the flame of liberty seemed to just flicker dimly as a speck in a dark corner. But today, it burns bright, like the fireball that Sarah Palin has become since those despairing days following the 2008 election.

Sarah Palin has ridden triumphantly into Anaheim and Reno over the past few days. In Anaheim, she gave a fiery speech that raised the roof off the raucos room at the RNC Victory 2010 rally. In Reno, she enthusiastically and optimistically told the Tea Party Express rally that we could not only see 2010 from our houses, but that we could see 2012. It was her first reference beyond this November's elections.

Palin has demonstrated her qualifications as a Republican leader as well as a Tea Party leader because she easily speaks the language which should be the language of the GOP and which is the language of the Tea Party: common sense Constitutional conservatism and limited government. The Republican Party of Palin is the Republican Party of Reagan. Anything else is a different party.

Reaganites can rest more easily now knowing that Ronald Reagan's dream that we "will travel the road ahead with liberty's lamp guiding your steps and opportunity's arm steadying your way" lives on in the servant's heart of one Sarah Heath Palin.

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