Tuesday, August 31, 2010

At What Point Does Someone Become Unreasonably Humble?

At what point does someone become unreasonably humble?

Take this conversation Sarah Palin had with Sean Hannity:

HANNITY: You know, Governor, as I have watched -- I know you were out in Washington this weekend and you've been traveling around the country with varying candidates and you've been on the stump.

Wherever you go, it seems that no matter what you say, what you do, you seem to draw the most attention of any political figure out there today.

Why do you think that is at this point? What do you think -- what do you think the difference is? Because I know a lot of candidates would probably like to have your popularity, but they don't.

PALIN: You know, I'm -- I feel very, very blessed that a platform that perhaps I have been given at this point can be used for good to help get this country back on the right track. And it's quite humbling but no, there are so many people out there, Sean, you being one of them, with that megaphone, that voice that people are craving to hear.

And what people want to hear are time-tested truths and how they can be applied to the challenges facing America today. And just that acknowledgment that there is nothing wrong with America today that Americans can't fix.

You have that same platform, Sean. And there are a lot of candidates out there with the same and let's be thankful for that.
So, Sarah, you are our modern day great one. You tell us exactly what you think. You call on us to be patient and keep our powder dry. You sit atop a powder keg of a movement, an army if you will that will obey your every command and trust you even during moments when we don't understand. Yet you are humble.

I see the trends online. The polls have not caught up yet. But the writers, the bloggers and the tweeters are seeing it more and more. Whether Sarah Palin knows it or not, she holds our nation's future in her hands because her power comes from us - not an establishment, not a political machine and not an economic group. She controls something more powerful that that: the truth and an army of supporters who know that she owns the truth because it is the same truth we understand.

We know what the light looks like. Sarah sees that same light. And she leads us toward it.

UPDATE: More ridiculous humility. Go to the 11:50 mark.

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