Thursday, September 29, 2011

Waiting For the Sun

When the sun set on November 4, 2008, the nation finished voting and settled in to watch the election results. We know the outcome. Barack Obama was elected president; and so began a long dark political night which has only grown colder and colder. Before it is three years to the day, we will know whether or not the political sun is going to rise again.

To cut through the metaphors, what we're looking at is something Palin supporters are now dealing with in their daily conversations: the question about whether Sarah Palin is running for president or not. October 31, 2011 is the deadline for getting on the ballot for the Florida primary. Other key primary filing dates come shortly thereafter.

Sarah Palin hit the campaign trail in 2008 like a bright flash of light. As hard as the liberal media tried to dim that light with the artificial curtains and blinds of unsubstantiated gossip pieces and articles written by ideologues with the agenda of destroying her persona in the eyes of the electorate, Palin remains viable and electable.

The smear campaign against her may have left enough brains washed to hold her back a few percentage points in national polls, but overall it has failed. The intense effort in yielded little out; and in many ways challenged her to sharpen her skills more than a normal potential candidate would have to.

With that said, the decision as to whether or not Sarah Palin runs no longer lies with the mainstream media or the Republican establishment. Though they may continue to try to stop her by conventional means (i.e. trotting out Karl Rove every now and then or encouraging more moderate candidates to run for president), the control has be wrested from them. Sarah Palin has successfully assumed control of her decision.

After all the battles and after all the help that the Palin army brought forward in defense of her and to promote her, it is safe to say that we bloggers and those activists who have come together to form Organize4Palin to position themselves in advance of her potential campaign have done well. The job is far from over, but the defense shield is firmly in place and we can go on offense now at a moments notice, or at the word of the lady for whom we have given our all.

The image of thousands of soldiers impatiently waiting in camps with fires burning, sitting on stumps cleaning weapons over and over again and keeping powder dry is etched within this writer's creative mind. Impatient, yes, but loyal beyond belief, these "soldiers" may sometimes have worried minds when their leader speaks of not needing a title or not wanting to be shackled to such a leadership position, but they don't have worried hearts. Their hearts are filled with confidence in Sarah, love of country and a yearning to make things right again in America.

Those who fear or believe she isn't running still hope she runs. Those who believe she's running regardless of how what she says is interpreted also hold that same hope. Both schools of thought now rest side by side among Palin supporters. They know the let down they could be facing, but they also continue to hold hope that she will ride in like Xena the Warrior Princess or William Wallace and order the troops to march toward that shining city - the beacon of freedom that seems to be dying in the distance - with the goal of renewing and restoring it.

If she doesn't run, they will still love her. But, they know that her power and influence will not be what it has been prior to this. She could go without a title and continue giving speeches, doing analysis on Fox News and writing in support of the cause. Yet, she will fall back into the chorus of other conservative voices that also do the same. Her sword will not be the pen by which she signs legislation repealing Obamacare, opening drilling, lowering taxes or repealing regulations. That sword is the Excalibur and one needs a title to wield it. Instead, her sword will be a regular one. Her name will hold more weight still, but not enough weight to change what needs to be changed unless the next Republican president decides he wants to let her run the country by proxy.

So why would she let it get to this point and continue dodging the question this late in the game? Whatever the reason is, this blogger must once again defer to Sarah just like he did after her resignation. It's tough to not go out on the ledge after seeing her on Greta Van Susteren Monday night. But there were some folks standing by the window stopping people. "Don't jump," they seemed to say. "Trust Sarah."

I've trusted her this far, so what's a few more weeks? By the end of October, we'll know for sure one way or the other. Jumping off the bandwagon now won't help any. If she decides not to run, then we all have to move on politically and meld back into the fold of the anybody but Obama crowd. Voting against him is still of utmost importance. But voting against someone or something is not nearly as spiritually fulfilling or as inspiring as voting for someone or something.

Jimmy Carter losing in 1980 is not what made America great again. Electing Ronald Reagan was. Sarah, can you hear us?

So here we sit whittling our sticks and cleaning our rhetorical weapons for the umpteenth time. She has to know that our impatience and the chomping of the bit in no way disrespects her tactics or her leadership. We are ready to fight for her harder than anyone in modern American politics have ever fought. This is not a campaign team she has at her disposal, this is a full blown army ready to use any legal tactic, any reverse Alinsky tactic and any other political weapon we can get our hands on to politically go after it for her.

Governor Palin, we are committed to you. Say the word and we are yours. The cause is greater than all of us, but you are as great because you embody the cause. You are the cause. We are the cause. Without each other we are none. We want our country back and we believe only you can lead us. So, lead us.

Until then, we sit here waiting for the sun. We ask that the Lord inspire that political sun to rise through the words of one Sarah Heath Palin.

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