Wednesday, January 19, 2011

That which is supposed to destroy Sarah Palin is only making her stronger

[Martin Luther King, Jr.] had reminded listeners that a lie cannot live. And I believe that not in every situation, it's just going to be providence that sheds light on what the truth is. We have to do our part, also. - Sarah Palin

The Left is the intellectual guardian of unintended consequences. By passing health care reform, they sowed the seeds of its repeal in the bureaucratic maze that is now being walked back to give companies exemptions and to save Medicare. In their zeal for socialism, they woke the silent majority who banded together to take over the House of Representatives and to make serious gains in the Senate. In their hunger to create “carbon credit brokerage houses” from which their cronies would make millions, they fabricated scientific climate data and watched it all blow apart as evidentiary emails were sent to the press.

In their blood lust to destroy the conservative movement, they formed the Journolist listserv, which when discovered would prove to America once and for all that the media was complicit in getting Obama elected. By unleashing their unprecedented attacks, slander and libel against Sarah Palin, they have created a candidate more powerful, more knowledgeable and with armor and Teflon skin than ever seen before. In their twisted desires and from their most uncontrollable fears, the Left has manifested their most feared monsters: the rise of conservatism and the triumphant return of Sarah Palin to presidential politics.

Had the loony Left decided to forget about Sarah Palin after the 2008 election and send her back to Alaska to return to her life as she knew it prior to being chosen as John McCain’s running mate, chances are she would still be considered as a possible candidate for 2012. But her name would be mentioned among the others without ears perking or heads turning toward monitors upon the mention of that name. She would be another Huckabee, another Pawlenty or another Romney in a field of horses all fairly evenly matched heading into the primary race.

The Left and their media cohorts could have saved face by not exposing themselves as the biased out of touch elites that they are by their continual denial of reality and their rabid attacks on conservatives. Even in the old days of the media when liberals controlled the information, they went to great lengths to put forth an effort to show objectivity. We knew Walter Cronkite and Peter Jennings were liberals, but they would never dare to snarl, outright lie and froth at the mouth during their newscasts. They played honest and for years were able to sneak progressivism into the minds of Americans one grain at a time.

Now, it’s as if they scorch the earth and hurl kitchen sink after kitchen sink at everything that doesn’t fit their world view. Like children trying to put round holes into square pegs, the media and the Left are clearly frustrated that this unnatural pasting together of their view of reality isn’t getting through anymore. Having been caught moving the stickers around on the political Rubik’s Cube, the Left is freaking out.

Their complete unhinging following the Tucson tragedy and pure disregard for the facts was a cry for help. They are losing touch with reality and they are calling out to America to please believe them this one last time. But it’s not happening. The Left and the media are burning in the acid of a conservative revival that is being led by their most feared opponent, Sarah Palin. Michael Savage’s thesis that liberalism is a mental disorder was proven in the field last week.

Had they laid low until Palin’s announcement to run for president, the Left and their media cohorts could have restarted a dormant circus that may have resonated enough this time around again to stop their worst nightmare: President Palin. But instead, they have created and fed a monster who stands calmly and coolly before the camera in her studio and who with intellectual sobriety, logic and relaxed but serious demeanor delivers a video and an interview dripping with leadership and presidential mettle after having her name dragged through the mud for two and a half years relentlessly and having had numerous death threats made to her and her family. Most people would have flipped the American Left the Italian salute and taken the money to a tropical island somewhere where they could sit back drinking fruity drinks while laughing at the animals in the zoo that is the America as portrayed by the Left and the media.

I could just imagine Todd with a Corona in his hand during a fit of side splitting laughter as he sat with his family in a bungalow in the Caribbean watching Fox News as they announced Obama’s re-election. Sarah could then turn to him and say “well if that’s what America wants, let em have it” before asking him to mix another mojito for her. Sarah’s third book entitled “Thanks for the Dough: A Tribute to Dysfunctional America” would surely bring in enough royalties to cover the world trip they could be planning.

But Sarah is not wired like that. She is stronger, braver and smarter than most of us. Those of us who accept the fact that we are mere mortals admire her and look to her for leadership as we seek to find the silver bullet that will destroy the progressive agenda. On the other hand, those who don’t accept the fact that we are mere mortals and believe they are better than us hate her. Their ability to mold the world into their perverse picture is blocked by her. Yet for the good hearted who struggled with decades of frustration about crony capitalism and government screw ups, she represents freedom.

Palin represents a type of leadership where the leader is huge, powerful and feared by her enemies. Yet, this huge leader is a petite woman motivated by a servants heart, a love of God and a love of country. This strength allows her to take on the darts and arrows of vitriol without flinching. She speaks the message of liberty, small government and personal responsibility. Yes, it’s our message. But she takes the hits for those who believe in the message. Her followers growl in anger on Twitter and yell at their television sets whenever Lawrence O’Donnell, Keith Olbermann or Ed Schultz rear their hate filled heads. They rally to her. They have her back. This is because she is so strong and so willing to fight as hard as she does.

Her army is stronger now than it ever has been. Her army is millions strong. Yes, they love her. Yes, they see her as the way to restore America. Yes, they will walk through fire for her. But do you know why? They are bound together by one common thread. The army was built by a bunch of people on Team Sarah that was pissed off at the media. The more the media put forth its libelous nonsense, the stronger the army became. Websites like Conservatives4Palin, Texas For Sarah Palin, Palin Twibe, Palin Promotions and Sarah Palin Information Blog grew out of this. Hundreds of blogs popped up across the web also in response the smearing. There were so many people sitting around scratching their heads going “but there are so many people that love her here, why is the media making it look like everyone hates her?” So they took to their keyboards. Before long, Palin supporters had built an army that would have made William Wallace proud.

The Palin army is indebted with gratitude toward a woman who has been beaten to a political bloody pulp on more than one occasion because she stands up and tells them that she will continue to fight. By telling everyone on Hannity Monday night that she will not sit down and shut up, she was telling her supporters that she will go to the mat for them. She has told us that she is willing to politically die before she will ever stop fighting for the America her followers so deeply love. She has gained even more stature as a leader.

There is no other political candidate that has that. This is not a put down on the other GOP contenders. But look at her. Just look at the grace and dignity with which she handled herself during the vilest of attacks. What you saw last week was an all out firing of every weapon in the left wing arsenal. It was the liberal media’s version of shock and awe. It was supposed to be the attack that ended all attacks and pushed her away from a presidency they so desperately fear she will achieve.

Rush Limbaugh said it best.
...the moment you act affected by it and the moment you respond to it they just pounce on you as not having character, not having the steel spine, not having the ability to deal with it.  That's where she has totally befuddled them. She's gotten stronger throughout all this.
They just don’t get it, do they? They will never learn. For years they have been successful at lobbing bombs at their opponents. This time, the grenade went off in their hand and Sarah Palin gets the last laugh.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Robin of Berkeley: The Wilding of Sarah Palin

In these dark times, with spiritually bankrupt people at the helm, thank God we have bright lights like Sarah Palin to illuminate the darkness.

Robin of Berkeley writes about her journey from the heart of liberal darkness into the light of Palin conservatism. It's a fantastic read.

The Wilding of Sarah Palin

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

America By Heart Lights the Way

Ronald Reagan once said that it’s not that he was a great communicator, but that he communicated great things. Our 40th president was able to capture the spirit of our Founding Fathers and unite it with the deep grassroots desire of citizens at a time when the nation needed to return to the basic Constitutional principles upon which it was founded. When Reagan left us, it was thought, so did his philosophy. But, following the 2008 election, there has been a return to the longing for the American exceptionalism and the core fundamental underpinnings of the Constitution.

Historians and social psychologists can study the reasons why Reaganism went on the decline since he left office. America’s return to the progressive agenda set by those going back to the Great Depression is steeped in deception, sugar coating and the exploitation of the apathetic and the poor. Barack Obama’s blatant radical shift in our country’s direction, however, served as a wake up call for those who once called themselves the silent majority. Like sheep on their way to the slaughter pen, the American people feasted first on the grain of hope and change. Prodded effortlessly by a complicit media, an unhappy public rejected the status quo of a two party system which seemed to only reward cronies and insiders at the expense of the people and on the taxpayer’s dime.

Having forgotten the virtues of the Constitution (in part because of a complicit academia), the American people hungered. But for what, they really didn’t know yet.

Then came Sarah Palin. Many began to catch on when Sarah Palin was chosen to be John McCain’s running mate, but 57 days wasn't enough time. Obama still won the election in 2008. Yet as the “sheep” drew closer to the slaughter, they bucked up and saved themselves in the nick of time by forming Tea Party groups and by speaking out against the political reaper’s socialist scythe just as it was about to fall. We were so close to being thrown into that thousand years of darkness that Reagan warned us about. We were really close.

Many of the young people in the Tea Party movement who have become politically active were either not yet born or too young to remember Ronald Reagan’s presidency. But they have taken to it like hungry nestlings by researching it and learning from us older folks what it was like to be an American between 1980 and 1988. Although they may not have experienced first hand the exhilaration and the pride that we felt as Americans under the strong and capable leadership of the great Ronald Reagan, you can tell from their blogs, their tweets and their comments that they long to know what we older people did; and that they long to live in a country where capital and capitalism was abundant.

These people are learning their Constitutional Conservatism from Sarah Palin in much the same way those youngsters of this writer’s generation learned it from Ronald Reagan. While reading Palin’s America by Heart, it jumped off the page. It was my political philosophy. It was the political philosophy that this young college student honed in his mind and which he had learned by becoming a devout follower of Ronald Reagan. Sarah Palin had taken everything I knew to be true and gave it back to me in the most purest and most articulate of ways.

The children of today are learning the same philosophy as those of a generation ago. We were enamored by Reagan in much the same way they are enamored by Palin. My generation hung on his every word. Our mouths dropped in awe as we watched someone in power tell us the real deal in a world full of charlatans and demagogues. We were no longer crazy to believe in individual initiative and to reject cronyism and collectivism. We were right.

The historical parallels are there for those who wonder about Palin's electability or simply were too young to remember how it all went down. Mark Whittington explains in an excellent piece (h/t Texas4Palin):
Some have suggested that there is a historic parallel to a Palin candidacy. In late 1978, Ronald Reagan, himself a former governor and media star, was considered a has-been politician who had tried for the presidency in 1976 and had fallen short. Reagan was ridiculed, like Palin, for his alleged lack of intelligence and his alleged extremism. Yet, in 1980, Ronald Reagan beat President Jimmy Carter and became the 40th President of the United States.

All that the true conservative philosophy needed was a voice. And once that voice spoke, the people came to it not because they are lemmings or because of the cadence of how the speech was delivered, but because the words that were being spoken were true. It happened when Reagan came. It is happening again with Palin.

And just as they did to Reagan, the media and the Establishment derides and mocks Sarah Palin. They find flaws with her educational background, intellect and family in much the same way they did with Reagan. But they cannot touch the philosophy. They won’t even rebut it. They can’t. The closest they can come to attacking the philosophy is to call her an extremist and then not comment further. That’s it.

Sarah Palin's latest book, America By Heart, is proof positive that she is now the articulater of the true conservative philosophy. It lays out Constitutional Conservatism and quotes great conservatives of the past, including Reagan.

What Reagan and Palin both represent is an upsetting truth that draws ridicule from the Left and from the Establishment because it threatens their ways of collectivism, social engineering and cronyism. Constitutional conservatism to them is a danger to the status quo of their power structure. They're afraid that Palin may succeed. And they will do anything to plant the seeds of doubt in the minds of the people.

The people must be strong and courageous if they want to change their nation. Morning in America is a beautiful place. But it will require hard work and mental fortitude to get there. Follow her because she light's the way. Don't be distracted by the pundits and the critics.