Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why John McCain Deserves Our Respect

I have not always seen eye to eye with John McCain on every issue. I believe his involvement with McCain-Feingold campaign reform eventually contributed to his loss in the 2008 presidential election since it hamstrung many who would have gladly helped out a candidate limited to public financing for his campaign at a time when the "free" mainstream media was completely smearing him, his running mate and his record without any blowback. I believe that he was not as on board with the GW Bush budget plan early in Bush's administration as he should have been. I also think that his original stance on illegal immigration was a major turn off to voters that still haunts him to this day. But in focusing on the negatives instead of focusing on the positives, we are missing an opportunity to understand why John McCain deserves our respect.

John McCain was a foot soldier in the Reagan revolution. He campaigned on the same issues that Reagan did. He supported Reagan's rise to the presidency. And because of that loyalty and support, he was elected to the U.S. Senate where he was a champion for the Reagan cause and conservative principles.

As our country drifted away from the ideals of Reagan, John McCain became more of a maverick. He was not a fan of George W. Bush's neo-conservatism, and ran against Bush in the 2000 primaries unsuccessfully. He began to see himself as more of a maverick, taking a more independent role in how he would conduct himself as a senator. But he also became more of a listener, pulse taker and observer of the will of the people. As such, he was usually able to sense when he was on the wrong side of an issue and make the necessary corrections. And when he didn't do this and voted on the wrong side of an issue, he usually lost.

There were times when McCain did not tow the party line on environmental issues and social issues. However, McCain stuck to strong conservative positions on fiscal responsibility and national defense. And when voters were unhappy with his position on illegal immigration, he heard them and fixed it. He actually listened to the people, a quality we should applaud in a candidate. In explaining why he changed his position on immigration reform, McCain said that he recognized that the people wanted our borders secured and existing immigration law to be enforced properly first before we even should consider addressing new immigration laws.

What many fail to miss while criticizing McCain, is that John McCain is not a liberal, a radical or even a true RINO in the sense of the word. According to the American Conservative Union, John McCain had an 82.3% lifetime rating, which in relation to all Senators places him in the center-right column. If the ACU was to assess Scott Brown's voting record in the Massachussetts Senate, they would probably find similar numbers for him, too.

While we are excited and thrilled to elect Scott Brown to the Massachusetts Senate because we are willing to accept the pragmatic facts involved in electing Republicans in Massachusetts, we are not willing to accept a candidate in Arizona just because they aren't 100 %? This is not intellectually honest. Nor does it help the conservative or TEA Party cause at a time when we need to deflect left wing criticism that we are purists trying to purge the Republican party of those who disagree with us and that we are intolerant of being part of a party that should have a big tent.

This is in no way to be intended as an argument for moderating the party or allowing moderates and liberals to participate in the party without opposition such as in primaries, by caucuses and by county party boards. This is just a suggestion that while we should always remain committed to our conservative principles, we should not become so rigid as to make the requirements for participation in the party so stringent that good intentioned, open eared and honorable people can't participate simply because he is not 100% ideologically pure.

Allowing Sarah Palin the right to choose who she wants to support should not be misconstrued as an endorsement of Cindy McCain's position on gay marriage either. We should stand against it as an issue. If your spouse was a loving supportive person who did good things for you, but you disagreed with them on a particular issue, would you divorce them or would you simply stand firm on that one issue?

An 83% ACU rating is not exactly high, but when compared to liberals and true RINO's, it's not exactly low either. The question becomes where do we draw the line? Should we not support candidates who are 80% or under, 85% or under, 90% or under, or more?

Sarah Palin has said we should look to the planks of the Republican party platform for the standards. John McCain is pretty closely aligned with the big ones: national defense, fiscal responsibility and life. If he goes off the beaten trail on some of the lesser issues, while it's worthy of criticism and may bring his ACU score lower, it's not enough to lump him in with Dede Scozzafava, Arnold Schwartzenegger and Charlie Crist.

In our quest to oppose RINO's, we should not throw out a loyal member of the Republican party or call him a RINO just because he doesn't look as nice as the rest of the elephants. He's still an elephant, and until he votes for Cap and Trade, Obamacare, amnesty for illegals or socializing our banking system, we should consider him as inside the tent.

The best argument for John McCain is made by Sarah Palin herself who said to look at what McCain has done since the presidential election. Since returning to the Senate, John McCain has been at the front, sword unsheathed, in the fight against Obamacare. Some of the greatest moments in the fight are clips of him on the Senate floor telling the Senate that it's a scam and telling AARP members to rip up their cards. He frequently criticizes the president on matters of national security as well and is against the closing of Gitmo.

One can play Monday morning quarterback and second guess many of McCain's campaign decisions during the presidential race. We all know Steve Schmidt was a disaster. But we can also remember one key stroke of pure genius. When considering Joe Lieberman to be his running mate, McCain was principled enough and politically smart enough to listen to the people and realize that it would not be a good choice for the party. Knowing that the Republican party is a conservative party who perceived him as a moderate, he chose a running mate more conservative than he was.

John McCain is not the conservative that Ronald Reagan was. But John McCain owed Reagan and the nation a huge debt. Reagan and the conservative revolution changed John McCain's life. He instantly was elevated to the U.S. Senate and would eventually run for president on several occassions.

Would one consider McCain as selling out because he chose a running mate whose views were not purely consistent with his? Or would you consider it the right thing to do to be loyal to the wing of the party that got him into the Senate in the first place many years ago and eventually allowed him the opportunity to run for president.

I said John McCain owed (past tense) the nation a debt. He has since paid it back. In doing so, McCain fundamentally placed his mark on the history of our republic by choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate and introducing her to us.

I watch people criticize McCain. I've criticized McCain. I've gotten so mad that Brett Baier quoted this blog on Special Report, and it was quoted on CNN's Political Ticker. But I also know that since then, McCain has heard us. He has stood by Sarah Palin. He has defended her and spoken highly of her. McCain listens to us, unlike most of the other people in his profession.

Sit down with yourself and examine how deeply you feel about Sarah Palin. Isn't it fantastic that we are not hopeless and filled with despair during the Obama years? Isn't it enough that we don't have to hold the knife to our wrists or the gun to our heads every time President Obama is on TV, that we can instead go onto Sarah Palin's Facebook page or come here to be reassured that there is hope and that there is a future even as we watch the "annointed one" tearing apart our Constitution and our country?

To whom do we owe our debt of gratitude for this? We owe the same debt that Sarah Palin owes. John McCain, foot soldier to our last great one is the historical bridge between that last great one and the next great one. John McCain introduced Sarah Palin to America and it changed Sarah Palin's life the same way Ronald Reagan changed John McCain's life when he introduced McCain to the voters of Arizona and endorsed him for the Senate.

Many may be too young to remember this. Some may just have not made the connection. But no one needs to leave the Palin fold because they are expressing opinions or seeking answers. Nor does Sarah need to clarify her politics because she's supporting McCain.

Just consider this. John McCain deserves our respect not only because he is a great war hero, but because he gave Sarah Palin the opportunity to run for vice president. If Sarah Palin did not repay this debt and turned her back on him because some of her supporters don't like him, that would turn Sarah into something that we wouldn't like, an ingrate.

If there was no Ronald Reagan, there would have been no John McCain. And if there had been no John McCain, there would be no Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin is not selling out. She does not need to explain. If John McCain did for you what he did for her, would you not support him? There's a difference between selling out and repaying a huge debt for something that has caused the future our republic be forever changed in such a positive way.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Liberty's Lamp Held High as Beck Interviews Palin

Glenn Beck interviews Sarah Palin with the Statue of Liberty in the Background.

Video: Sarah Palin on Glenn Beck 01/13/10. Transcript.

A word to Sarah Palin: You are being called to serve. Take liberty's lamp and lead us.

Glenn Beck said

she is one of the only people that I can see that can possibly lead us out of where we are. I don't know yet if she's strong enough, if she's well enough advised, or if she knows she can no longer trust anyone. I don't know if she can lead and not lose her soul.

That is where I'd like to go for the next hour, to find out if this is the woman that can lead us and not lose her soul.

Glenn, I think the answer to your question is yes.

I'm climbing the thing and bringing the torch back to her.


"I would be perfectly happy to go back to Wasilla, Alaska, with my five children and my grandson and raise a happy, healthy family loving our great outdoors – doing the things we do in Alaska. But, if I believe that in some capacity I can help this great nation, I'm going to be willing to sacrifice and to change some things in my lifestyle in order to, in order to serve. That doesn't have to mean, though, top dog. That doesn't have to mean really – entail having any kind of title." - Sarah Palin

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

That's One Way to Counter the Liberal Media

Those of us who know the battle scars of strafing runs to the comments section of media web pages like the Anchorage Daily News, The Washington Post and The New York Times to combat the hateful liberal bias and outright slandering of Sarah Palin understand the frustration of how difficult it is to counter a media so liberally biased that it requires a battalion sized list of contributors and researchers at sites like Conservatives4Palin and a web full of volunteers and bloggers to counter the smears.

We've done well. The proliferation of conservative and pro-Palin websites is amazing considering that you can find dozens of sites that now promote the Palin cause while looking back on the days where it was the Alaskan Bloggers, the ADN and the Huffington Post versus a bunch of nobodies with no websites. These were the days when Rachelle Friberg, Adrienne Ross, Lisa Graas, Josh Painter, Karen Allen, Ron Devito and Gary P. Jackson were no names scratching out posts and comments about Sarah Palin in a sea of nonsense filled with AstroTurfers and liberal flamers who must have used the phrase "she's dumb" hundreds of thousands of times.

This blogger joined Team Sarah to promote the cause and strategize with like minded people. Marjorie, Emily, Jane and Bill kept it together. I know some of the people who today are now fellow Palin bloggers from there. After the election, TS was the only place to vent and raise the rabble to fight the liberal media. A lot has changed. We now outnumber the Alaskan Bloggers, Team Sarah continues to increase membership and Conservatives4Palin has become the unsheathed sword that has been slaying the libelous while promoting the truth about Sarah Palin.

We are ordinary barbarians who have built an army that would have made William Wallace proud.

Twitter has allowed many of us to link to professional writers like Matthew Continetti, Mary Katharine Ham, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter and SE Cupp and professional broadcasters like Sean Hannity, Tammy Bruce, Eddie Burke, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck and Greta Van Susteren. More professional writers like Amanda Carpenter, Andrea Tantaros, Lori Calabrese and Jedediah Bila have put forth their talent as well. These individuals have used the media to counter the smears against Sarah Palin. Great Americans all, they have been instrumental in keeping the Palin cause clean, even when the mainstream media and detractors in the blogosphere would try to muddy it up. The internet is filled with video clips and links to articles where these great individuals have stood up for Sarah Palin on the Washington Times, Fox News and radio stations around America.

And now we have the nuclear weapon of the media. Our great leader has become a Fox News contributor. It's as if we have been out in the field firing away with all our might and she steps up front and says, "try this."


The smear campaign has tried everything it could do to destroy Sarah Palin. The media would put out reports about her appearing at a campaign meeting in a towel or that her hair was thinning out. There were rumors that she was resigning as Alaska governor because of a pending federal indictment. That iceberg melted quickly when the FBI stated there was no such thing. From day 1 of the smear campaign, myth after myth and lie after lie have been debunked.

They stabbed her with their steely knives, but they just could not kill the beast.

Where do we stand today? A couple of books have come out. One says she is mentally unstable and another says she was "nonplussed" about running for VP because it was "God's Plan." Hmmm, a mentally unstable person who writes a book, single-handedly guides the health care debate with a posting on Facebook and who is now a Fox News contributor? Sounds pretty sick to me, considering the diagnosis of mental illness was coming from a bunch of nuts anyway. And as for God's plan, after seeing how many times she was hit with the medicine ball, how vetted she was and how much she endured with the lies and rumors swirling along with almost two dozen frivolous ethics complaints filed against her, it's probably safe to say that the universe isn't toughening her up just so she can beat Todd and the kids at a game of scrabble.

Are the smear merchants running out of of ammo? Considering their next move is to "unsheathe their Johnston" and count on Levi to do some smearing during the Tripp custody case, one can only wonder if the box of tricks that once included maternity questions about babies with special needs, federal indictments that don't exist, a wedding ring which was supposed to be at the bottom of a lake that showed up on Palin's finger during the Oprah interview and a picture of toenails and a toy moose isn't getting a little empty by now.

Let's face it. They have a bunch of whining disgruntled campaign officials who will probably never work on another campaign again and a naked young man who they now expect to go forth because America needs him to save it from that dastardly Sarah Palin.

We have Sarah Palin and Fox News. In Texas Hold 'em that's known as pocket aces. And they're suited too!

Monday, January 4, 2010

America's Decline is Reversible

"At the end of the first decade of the 21st century, the question is not whether we will preside over the creation of a New World Order, but whether America's decline is irreversible." - Patrick J. Buchanan

"You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on Earth, or we will sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness." - Ronald Reagan

As we reflect on the first decade of the new millennium, we are struck by all the bad things that have happened to our nation since the ball dropped that fateful New Years Eve ten years ago. From the moment the first plane hit the World Trade Center, it's conceivable to reflect back and consider that everything has gone to hell in a hand basket since then. The only question now is: what can we do we to stop the decline and put our nation back on the track that our Founders intended for it?

Our nation has been in a steady free fall ever since we lost our way when our nation divided along ideological lines over how we should conduct the War on Terror. Our political leaders were amiss in explaining to us why we were conducting the war the way we were, and the people themselves were amiss in their unwillingness to cross party lines and support our president in the general concept that national defense is first priority.

Instead, liberals used the opportunity to return to power by ginning up the notion that George W. Bush was some kind of an evil warmonger or a bumbling fool. Yet, during his years in office following the 9/11 attacks, we were not attacked again. Mistakes were made both on the security front and on the domestic front. Politicians deserve full blame for those. But, the American people need to look themselves in the mirror and stop their whining, complaining and criticizing and realize that if they would have supported the war effort more and cheer led our president to success, maybe they themselves and our nation would be better off for the self improvement effort.

If the government of our nation was failing us, then we the people should have stepped up and fixed it. Instead, we bought into a myth called hope and change. We punished the Republican party for doing a bad job by replacing them with an even more incompetent and ideologically off based Democrat party. We fell for the media lies during the Obama presidential campaign. We were lazy. We didn't do our research and we didn't do our homework. We said kick the bums out and let the new bums fix it.

But, we are beginning to see the end of this type of thinking. We are actually seeing the American people waking up and finally taking matters into their own hands. America, for some reason, has always had a knack for allowing itself to be brought to the precipice of destruction and then suddenly becoming shocked into the action necessary to recover. That is happening now.

The sheep have allowed themselves to be herded into the shearing pen and are now clamoring to get out. The liberals thought it would be an easy fleecing, but they are finding the sheep are not as docile as originally thought. Imagine the surprise when over a million of them showed up in Washington on 9/12/09 with signs and Gadsden flags.

This time around, we are not waiting for the messiah to come and save us. We are taking matters into our own hands. We are recruiting candidates at the local levels that share our governing philosophy, our values and our vision for what America should look like. We know what the shining city on a hill should look like and we're not waiting for anyone to build it for us this time. Grab a shovel and a hammer and lets go.

It's time.

We have proven that we can take back Virginia and New Jersey. We have stood firm as the media and the remnants of the Obama campaign did everything they possibly could do to try to destroy the one person who understood where we were coming from, how we felt and where we want to go. From the ashes of a destroyed governorship, Sarah Palin rose like a phoenix, from the wreckage arriving to cast the ashes back in their eyes. "She is," as noted on, "perfectly positioned as the right candidate at the right moment in history to lead America's return to the honest, common sense conservative policies of Ronald Reagan."

As the American people realize they need to exchange "federal government run top down micromanagement" of our lives for a return to self reliance and local support systems, they are going to need a leader that understands that. This is not the time for a strong federal government, except in the area of national defense. Our domestic problems will not be solved by complex bureaucracies, public sector economies, industries that are regulated into submission and promoting immoral and unethical behavior in the name of sophistication or tolerance.

It is time to call a spade a spade.

No stack of court cases will ever stop us from being a Christian nation. If something is wrong with our culture, we should step up and speak out. We are not the morality police, but rather defenders of our own morality. The real "morality police" are the ones who tell us we can't put up the ten commandments in our buildings and who are fighting now to keep God out of the public square.

No stack of statutes defining government regulations can stop unethical behavior better than having a poorly or corruptly run business fail. There are millions of honest, ethical and competent people who are ready to allow the free market to reward them for the work necessary to really fix our financial and housing situation. But as long as government continues to regulate, stimulate and bail out these industries, the only ones who will be trying to solve the problems are the same ones who got us into the problems.

Let these businesses fail. Americans are big boys and girls. We can sustain a couple of years of harshness needed to allow new investment groups led by innovative thinkers to buy up the assets and allow the marketplace to dictate how these industries really need to be run. The days of the "curruptocrats" greasing the legislature so they can game the regulatory system must end. Those who need to grease the system are not friends of the capitalist system. They should either fail or be rooted out.

Stimulus and bailouts are methadone. Constructive destruction and controlled bankruptcy is detoxification. If we don't detox, we will never come clean.

The time is right for small government, socially Darwinist free enterprise principles and the proper use of the energy industry (drill, dig and develop alternatives simultaneously) to be the strategy that we can use to reawaken this industrial giant one more time.

Is America's decline reversible? Let's just say that our steps into a thousand years of darkness can stop right now. Yes, we are waking up and we are ready to build this thing from the bottom up. But we can't do it until the top comes down first. Before August 2008, this blogger thought there was no one out there that could help us do that.

What a lucky break for America that John McCain chose Sarah Palin to be his running mate.