Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Reading Between the Lines

Weekly Standard's Matt Continetti is Telling Us Everything We Need to Know

Rather than cross post Want to Fix This in 2012? Read the Directions here, I wanted to delve more deeply into the one subject that I tend to be most forward about here: Sarah Palin. Still, please read my piece as I really believe, not just as a biased fan, but also as an amateur political scientist and historian who uses facts and logic to draw on a point, that the similarities are shockingly obvious and that we are watching history repeat itself - only with a female now playing the lead role.

If I was writing for a national publication like The Weekly Standard or The Daily Caller, they'd soon grow bored of puff pieces about Sarah Palin, no matter how many conservative readers they have. As such, it's easy to understand why folks like SE Cupp, Jeri Thompson, Tammy Bruce, Matt Continetti and Jedediah Bila just don't show up on Hannity or O'Reilly wearing their Palin 2012 t-shirts. These are professional writers and commentators who have the intellectual responsibility of understanding multiple facets and layers of conservativism and analyzing them for us.

But, I also know that we Palinistas speak to each other through innuendo. I used to play a game with myself called "in the (Palin) army or not?" with each pundit I watched on TV. Even when the subject is not Sarah Palin, there are subtleties and nuances that pundits show that give it away. It's like being a drinker who can tell who the other drinkers in the room are even if we're all stone cold sober.

Now the real good ones, like Tammy Bruce, can take a conversation on O'Reilly about basket weaving and watching water boil and inject Sarah Palin into the conversation. She's a pro and she's also more visibly in the tank for Palin than other pundits. But in the game of "in the army or not," I'm turning over the Matt Continetti card and a hundred bucks tells me there's a picture of Sarah Palin on the other side. If you flip over the Charles Krauthammer card, you'll find Romney. Everyone has their favorites. But they're still all conservatives who have to provide a professional product when on TV, even if the wink wink, nod nod is so subtle that only those of us with the best radar can pick it up.

Take this article by Matt Continetti about how weak Obama is. He finishes it off like this:

Obama's powers of persuasion and debate are vastly overrated. All the opposition needs is the right spokesman. If only he (or she!) would show up.
If you play the record backwards, you might just hear him say "save me sweet Sarah."

Just saying.

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