Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sarah Palin's Best Speech Since The Republican National Convention 2008

It's All About What She Wrote on Her Hand

Sarah Palin brought the house down in Nashville at the Tea Party Convention on February 6, 2009 in what many considered to be her best speech since her RNC speech in 2008. The following day, she appeared on Fox News Sunday to give what many considered to be her best national interview ever. Never one to be ignored by the media, Palin was praised and worshipped by some while vilified and brutally attacked by others afterwards. The biggest question raised from this whole thing is "how smart is she really?"

And before some of you libs or disgruntled Tea partiers who think the guy that gave us Sarah should be politically crucified and voted out of the Senate start accusing me of Sarah worship, let me set one thing straight. I'm biased for a reason. This isn't about being blinded by some pretty lady from Alaska who quotes my main man, Ronnie, all the time. It's about someone that fills the high leadership criteria that I established years ago.

You need to be able to motivate people by both word and deed. You need to be willing to never ask your people to do anything that you are not willing to do. You need to be positive and make people feel good about themselves. People work for praise, recognition and then the money. For Palin supporters, we feel praised by her, the recognition part is vivid and we know the money's coming down the road if her economic plans are ever enacted. You need to be of good moral and ethical caliber. And, it's more important that you be able to surround yourself with the smartest people in the room than to be the smartest person in the room. Brains on tap, not on top.

Another principle for success is the willingness to pay the price. If anyone has paid the price, it's Sarah Palin. Add outside the box thinking to the criteria I just laid out. The next great one that comes after her is going to have to fill that one, too.

After Ronald Reagan passed, I didn't think anyone would ever live up to those standards again in my lifetime. I was willing to go with whoever came close enough and settle if I had to. The shining city on a hill had seen its better days. I could only dream of the day when it would come back.

Then came Sarah.

I have been "worshipping" Sarah long before I knew who Sarah was. It's the values, the qualities, the characteristics and the "I get the deal" feeling I've been looking for in that next great one that I've been worshipping since Ronald Reagan. And Sarah Palin personifies that.

Now here's the rub. I saw an article on Huffington Post the other day that I thought was a little off kilter. No, not because it was bashing Sarah, but because it was praising Sarah in a strange way. The writer asserted that Sarah Palin had written on her hand ON PURPOSE so as to provoke the lamestream media into talking about her and the key points she wanted to make in her speech. A blogger named Marion also pointed out that the liberal New York Magazine had made a similar assertion.

"Ah, you're nuts," I thought to myself until I heard the interview with Sarah Palin on the Bob and Mark Show. When asked if she was amazed at how easy it is for her to get under the skin of the other side, Palin responded:
You could just kind of count on whatever it is that I do or wear or scribble on the palm of my hand or anything else, you know it's gonna get somebody wee-wee'd up. So, you guys, in a kind of perverted way I guess it's sort of fun because it's like okay if I want to get a message out there about tax cuts and lifting the American spirit and energy, let me write it on my hand and the (inaudible) picks it up and look what happens! But, ya know, it's a bazaar, bazaar thing and, um, I'm just gonna keep plugging away though. I'm not going to let 'em tell me or anyone of us to sit down and shut up. We'll keep forging ahead with this message.
I was talking to a friend of mine about the Huffington Post article the other day and he was like "there's no way she did it on purpose." I told my buddy, "I kind of agree with you, but you'll have to call the hospital if I ever find out it's true because it will blow my mind so bad that there will be blood everywhere from my head exploding."

Someone call 911.

This is going to sound like overkill. And I can see the liberals and non-Palin supporting conservatives finding someone to draw the political cartoon of me standing before a statue of the Virgin Mary with Sarah's face on it with the guy behind me saying "this Palin worship thing has gone way too far now." But, let me say it the best I can and anyone, feel free to quote me out of context if you like: Sarah Palin is smarter than I think.

I, the ever praising, ever pressing and ever pushing Sarah Palin supporter, didn't think she's that smart. Reading Going Rogue and getting inside her head like that is very intimidating for me. Yes, I see so many of my own shortcomings when I read that book. I see how "unworthy" I am when I read that book. But, unlike some bloggers from Alaska who go to pieces when they juxtapose their miserable selves with Palin's self, I look up to her. Yet, she's still one of us. She's someone you could walk up to in a coffee shop and just have a normal conversation with. She likes my shirt (who the frig am I?). But that's all part of the greatness. It's that which makes me feel like "how the hell do I still not totally understand how great she is if I think she's so great."

Marion called her a "mad genius." I've seen what she did in her book to become mayor and governor. I've seen what she's done with her life after losing a national election that dragged her family through the mud and then being forced out of her governorship by a looming personal bankruptcy that would have been thrust upon her by those who want her destroyed at any cost. What does she do with the "hand" she's dealt? She writes on it and gets everyone to read that her message is energy, tax cuts and lifting the American spirit. I would have just flipped them the bird and headed off to an island somewhere if it was me.

There are days when this blogger just wants to give up on the punditry, the political science text books and how politicos judge politicians by set rules and strategies. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm just a mere mortal here.

We just don't understand the scope of it yet. We're just not capable of seeing how big she really is. We think the biggest thing she could ever do is to run. But, someday, she's going to fly.

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