Tuesday, January 12, 2010

That's One Way to Counter the Liberal Media

Those of us who know the battle scars of strafing runs to the comments section of media web pages like the Anchorage Daily News, The Washington Post and The New York Times to combat the hateful liberal bias and outright slandering of Sarah Palin understand the frustration of how difficult it is to counter a media so liberally biased that it requires a battalion sized list of contributors and researchers at sites like Conservatives4Palin and a web full of volunteers and bloggers to counter the smears.

We've done well. The proliferation of conservative and pro-Palin websites is amazing considering that you can find dozens of sites that now promote the Palin cause while looking back on the days where it was the Alaskan Bloggers, the ADN and the Huffington Post versus a bunch of nobodies with no websites. These were the days when Rachelle Friberg, Adrienne Ross, Lisa Graas, Josh Painter, Karen Allen, Ron Devito and Gary P. Jackson were no names scratching out posts and comments about Sarah Palin in a sea of nonsense filled with AstroTurfers and liberal flamers who must have used the phrase "she's dumb" hundreds of thousands of times.

This blogger joined Team Sarah to promote the cause and strategize with like minded people. Marjorie, Emily, Jane and Bill kept it together. I know some of the people who today are now fellow Palin bloggers from there. After the election, TS was the only place to vent and raise the rabble to fight the liberal media. A lot has changed. We now outnumber the Alaskan Bloggers, Team Sarah continues to increase membership and Conservatives4Palin has become the unsheathed sword that has been slaying the libelous while promoting the truth about Sarah Palin.

We are ordinary barbarians who have built an army that would have made William Wallace proud.

Twitter has allowed many of us to link to professional writers like Matthew Continetti, Mary Katharine Ham, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter and SE Cupp and professional broadcasters like Sean Hannity, Tammy Bruce, Eddie Burke, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck and Greta Van Susteren. More professional writers like Amanda Carpenter, Andrea Tantaros, Lori Calabrese and Jedediah Bila have put forth their talent as well. These individuals have used the media to counter the smears against Sarah Palin. Great Americans all, they have been instrumental in keeping the Palin cause clean, even when the mainstream media and detractors in the blogosphere would try to muddy it up. The internet is filled with video clips and links to articles where these great individuals have stood up for Sarah Palin on the Washington Times, Fox News and radio stations around America.

And now we have the nuclear weapon of the media. Our great leader has become a Fox News contributor. It's as if we have been out in the field firing away with all our might and she steps up front and says, "try this."


The smear campaign has tried everything it could do to destroy Sarah Palin. The media would put out reports about her appearing at a campaign meeting in a towel or that her hair was thinning out. There were rumors that she was resigning as Alaska governor because of a pending federal indictment. That iceberg melted quickly when the FBI stated there was no such thing. From day 1 of the smear campaign, myth after myth and lie after lie have been debunked.

They stabbed her with their steely knives, but they just could not kill the beast.

Where do we stand today? A couple of books have come out. One says she is mentally unstable and another says she was "nonplussed" about running for VP because it was "God's Plan." Hmmm, a mentally unstable person who writes a book, single-handedly guides the health care debate with a posting on Facebook and who is now a Fox News contributor? Sounds pretty sick to me, considering the diagnosis of mental illness was coming from a bunch of nuts anyway. And as for God's plan, after seeing how many times she was hit with the medicine ball, how vetted she was and how much she endured with the lies and rumors swirling along with almost two dozen frivolous ethics complaints filed against her, it's probably safe to say that the universe isn't toughening her up just so she can beat Todd and the kids at a game of scrabble.

Are the smear merchants running out of of ammo? Considering their next move is to "unsheathe their Johnston" and count on Levi to do some smearing during the Tripp custody case, one can only wonder if the box of tricks that once included maternity questions about babies with special needs, federal indictments that don't exist, a wedding ring which was supposed to be at the bottom of a lake that showed up on Palin's finger during the Oprah interview and a picture of toenails and a toy moose isn't getting a little empty by now.

Let's face it. They have a bunch of whining disgruntled campaign officials who will probably never work on another campaign again and a naked young man who they now expect to go forth because America needs him to save it from that dastardly Sarah Palin.

We have Sarah Palin and Fox News. In Texas Hold 'em that's known as pocket aces. And they're suited too!


  1. Great post! What a year this will be. Sounds like you've got the opposition all summed up though...a lot of bark and not much bite left, like an old dog with no teeth. We just feel gummed now.