Monday, November 16, 2009

What Crabs Can Teach You About Sarah Palin

Listening to people in the media talking about Sarah Palin tonight reminds me of a story I heard at a success seminar. Those who are working to be successful will always be pulled down by those who aren't.

Success trainers and positive people will tell you to shoot for the stars and if you miss, you still might hit the moon. The late Joe Ensor, a motivational speaker for Primerica Financial Services, said in a seminar that your brain is like a rubberband. Once stretched, it never goes back to it's original size. He also told a story about crabs.

He said that if you observe crabs in a barrel, you will notice that one crab makes the climb and gets to the point where it can almost get out of the barrel and over the top. But, the other crabs will latch onto it and try to drag it back down into the barrel with them. They are not willing to get out of the barrel and they won't let the one bound for success do it either.

Everyone thinks inside a box that they have been painted into by their environment. Some may choose to say "I'm a victim of circumstances." Those who reject that notion simply change their environment.

To listen to Bill O'Reilly and Mary Katharine Ham portray Sarah Palin as someone who should settle for a House or Senate seat reminds me of the crabs. It also goes against everything I have been taught about success.

So Palin should shoot for a House or Senate seat, maybe even settle there. They are missing the idea that Palin should shoot for the stars of the presidency and if she lands in a Senate seat, so be it. But don't tell her she can't be president.

That's stinking thinking.

The lamp is shining. Sarah carries the lamp. No matter what the mainstream media says about her, there are a lot of people who want the shining city on a hill back. They cannot rely on people that don't get the deal to lead us there. Palin is it right now and we should be running with her.

Will the ignorant and uniformed leave the room until they have properly researched this?

UPDATE: In all fairness to Mary Katharine Ham, I have agreed with her on many issues and think highly of her. She thinks that Sarah still needs to go through a certain path that is not a primrose road to the White House. I do agree that is a valid opinion and respect that. With that said, I think sometimes lightning in the bottle and striking while the iron is hot may be outside the box, but it's what this country needs right now.

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