Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Liberal "Emo's" Still Far From Arena of Ideas

During the past week or so, Sarah Palin has articulated positions on energy, big government, missile defense, autism and misogyny. And as such, liberals started yelling and screaming and carrying on like babies and wash women in thousands of blogs whining about, smearing and defaming Palin and her family.

As I scour the internet looking for arguments from the other side, most of it is drivel. I am having a really hard time finding a blog that articulates a well thought out, logical argument with detailed and reasonable counter arguments to Palin's positions. Shannyn Moore came close when she questioned why Palin waited until now to attack the smears, but even that was just a front for her agenda: destroy Sarah Palin.

That silly thing Keith Olbermann and Margaret Carlson did on Countdown last night about the First Amendment and the military: lame.

Here's the conservative argument: Sarah Palin says she thinks government is growing too big, we need to be more energy independant, we're too in debt to China, the president is weak on missile defense and David Letterman did an injustice to young girls.

Here's the liberal response: She's an evil bitch.

As a political scientist, I tried to interpret that intellectually deep response and here's what I came up with. No, there's nothing there about how the gas pipeline could hurt the environment. No, there's nothing there about how we need big government to help us out of the economic mess. No, there's nothing there about how missile defense is too expensive. All I hear is cackling.

I can't engage in good quality dialogue with cacklers. I can't agree to disagree agreeably with cacklers.

This is how liberals (and liberal misogynists I may add) and Alan on Mother Jones respond to Sarah Palin supporters:

her ugly cunt supporters.

They smell blood in the water, vaginal blood apparently, and they're not going to shut up about it.

Talk about being out-debated. We're going to need to do more research to counter that argument.

Liberals are incapable of defeating conservatives in the arena of ideas. I'm a little late to responding to a commenter on one of my other blogs, but yes we are superior to liberals in that we have the facts on our side. We don't make any of this stuff up as we go to suit our political purposes. We know exactly what the founders meant when they wrote our founding documents and we're humble enough to know not to change any of it.

We know that if Obama scares the living hell out of us than we are going to change that by convincing people with our ideas. The Tea Party movement, the growing legions of Sarah Palin supporters, the growing popularity of people like Bob McDonnell, Eric Cantor, Michele Bachmann and Bobby Jindal are all testaments to the fact that conservatives get the deal.

It's okay if you're a liberal. This is a free country. Unfortunately Camille Paglia and maybe Alan Colmes are the only liberals I know who are capable of holding an intellectually honest discussion, even I disagree with them. The rest of them all are just a bunch of nasty hate mongering fools who couldn't string together a decent argument if they hired Tom Hopkins to do it for them.

Now here's the kicker, libs. The Alinsky stuff you guys are trying to do: we're onto it. You see, liberals are so dumb that we can even beat them at that. Dart boards with Keith Olbermann's face on it and pictures of Obama eating chicken may seem offensive to you, but that's the whole idea. We're online now and we're having a blast ridiculing and marginalizing you. We know we have to do this. It's the rules now.

Liberals created the rules to the game we play now. They own the board. They won the last election.

Since we're smarter and bigger in numbers now, we are going to beat liberals at their own game. And when we win, we are going to own the board and have them play our game in the arena of ideas. They will get crushed there. At least on their board as it is now, we know we can beat them, but we also know they're going to make it close.

This is only going to help us pay more attention to our game and play it tighter.

Liberals play on the emotions. They are "emo's." They play off the more basic animal instincts of man. Conservatives are more evolved. We have our basic instincts too and we're going to use them now because we have to. But we are also using logic behind the scenes to make the impact of our Alinsky tactic reversal on liberals more effective.

We learned a lot from the left in the last election. We learned how to use the new media. We learned so much about radical politics we could probably get a better grade on the test than they would if we were taking a college course together. Sarah Palin is so dumb, isn't she? She took the left wing smear campaign that was killing her and turned it into a major political victory.

-She turned a quiet trip to fund raise for autistic children into a symposium on policy because a bunch of ankle biters from Alaska followed her every move on their blogs. Yes, she did plan on unveiling the gas pipeline in the msm, but the rest of it all was the liberal's fault. Blame yourselves, lefties. Don't blame Sarah Palin. You screwed up this time.

-She eliminated the image of her not being able to handle tough mainstream media interviews by walking into the lions den and nailing it on Lauer.

-She fired up her base by blasting David Letterman, who walked right into the trap with his stupid late night jokes.

Some might be wondering if this is just an accident that broke in her favor. I know better. Sarah Palin waits for doors to open and when they do, she plows right through them. Letterman, being the "gentleman" that he is, opened one of those doors for her and she just went through it.

Sarah Palin has been barraged by spitballs from the more immature side of the political spectrum. She just pulled out the old moose gun and blew them all away. They don't like when Sarah Palin gets her way. But I do.

Liberals taught us the ally oop pass. We're just better at doing it than they are now.

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