Thursday, September 29, 2011

Waiting For the Sun

When the sun set on November 4, 2008, the nation finished voting and settled in to watch the election results. We know the outcome. Barack Obama was elected president; and so began a long dark political night which has only grown colder and colder. Before it is three years to the day, we will know whether or not the political sun is going to rise again.

To cut through the metaphors, what we're looking at is something Palin supporters are now dealing with in their daily conversations: the question about whether Sarah Palin is running for president or not. October 31, 2011 is the deadline for getting on the ballot for the Florida primary. Other key primary filing dates come shortly thereafter.

Sarah Palin hit the campaign trail in 2008 like a bright flash of light. As hard as the liberal media tried to dim that light with the artificial curtains and blinds of unsubstantiated gossip pieces and articles written by ideologues with the agenda of destroying her persona in the eyes of the electorate, Palin remains viable and electable.

The smear campaign against her may have left enough brains washed to hold her back a few percentage points in national polls, but overall it has failed. The intense effort in yielded little out; and in many ways challenged her to sharpen her skills more than a normal potential candidate would have to.

With that said, the decision as to whether or not Sarah Palin runs no longer lies with the mainstream media or the Republican establishment. Though they may continue to try to stop her by conventional means (i.e. trotting out Karl Rove every now and then or encouraging more moderate candidates to run for president), the control has be wrested from them. Sarah Palin has successfully assumed control of her decision.

After all the battles and after all the help that the Palin army brought forward in defense of her and to promote her, it is safe to say that we bloggers and those activists who have come together to form Organize4Palin to position themselves in advance of her potential campaign have done well. The job is far from over, but the defense shield is firmly in place and we can go on offense now at a moments notice, or at the word of the lady for whom we have given our all.

The image of thousands of soldiers impatiently waiting in camps with fires burning, sitting on stumps cleaning weapons over and over again and keeping powder dry is etched within this writer's creative mind. Impatient, yes, but loyal beyond belief, these "soldiers" may sometimes have worried minds when their leader speaks of not needing a title or not wanting to be shackled to such a leadership position, but they don't have worried hearts. Their hearts are filled with confidence in Sarah, love of country and a yearning to make things right again in America.

Those who fear or believe she isn't running still hope she runs. Those who believe she's running regardless of how what she says is interpreted also hold that same hope. Both schools of thought now rest side by side among Palin supporters. They know the let down they could be facing, but they also continue to hold hope that she will ride in like Xena the Warrior Princess or William Wallace and order the troops to march toward that shining city - the beacon of freedom that seems to be dying in the distance - with the goal of renewing and restoring it.

If she doesn't run, they will still love her. But, they know that her power and influence will not be what it has been prior to this. She could go without a title and continue giving speeches, doing analysis on Fox News and writing in support of the cause. Yet, she will fall back into the chorus of other conservative voices that also do the same. Her sword will not be the pen by which she signs legislation repealing Obamacare, opening drilling, lowering taxes or repealing regulations. That sword is the Excalibur and one needs a title to wield it. Instead, her sword will be a regular one. Her name will hold more weight still, but not enough weight to change what needs to be changed unless the next Republican president decides he wants to let her run the country by proxy.

So why would she let it get to this point and continue dodging the question this late in the game? Whatever the reason is, this blogger must once again defer to Sarah just like he did after her resignation. It's tough to not go out on the ledge after seeing her on Greta Van Susteren Monday night. But there were some folks standing by the window stopping people. "Don't jump," they seemed to say. "Trust Sarah."

I've trusted her this far, so what's a few more weeks? By the end of October, we'll know for sure one way or the other. Jumping off the bandwagon now won't help any. If she decides not to run, then we all have to move on politically and meld back into the fold of the anybody but Obama crowd. Voting against him is still of utmost importance. But voting against someone or something is not nearly as spiritually fulfilling or as inspiring as voting for someone or something.

Jimmy Carter losing in 1980 is not what made America great again. Electing Ronald Reagan was. Sarah, can you hear us?

So here we sit whittling our sticks and cleaning our rhetorical weapons for the umpteenth time. She has to know that our impatience and the chomping of the bit in no way disrespects her tactics or her leadership. We are ready to fight for her harder than anyone in modern American politics have ever fought. This is not a campaign team she has at her disposal, this is a full blown army ready to use any legal tactic, any reverse Alinsky tactic and any other political weapon we can get our hands on to politically go after it for her.

Governor Palin, we are committed to you. Say the word and we are yours. The cause is greater than all of us, but you are as great because you embody the cause. You are the cause. We are the cause. Without each other we are none. We want our country back and we believe only you can lead us. So, lead us.

Until then, we sit here waiting for the sun. We ask that the Lord inspire that political sun to rise through the words of one Sarah Heath Palin.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sarah Palin: A Whole New Game Plan

The 2012 election is a little over 13 months away. Politicos online and in the mainstream media are focusing on two related conversations right now: who will win the Republican presidential primary and can Barack Obama be reelected? This may be an opportunity to not only beat a weak Obama, but to completely chart a new game plan for how America is governed.

All the signs are there for further decay in our economic conditions and the morale of the American people. We continue to go further in debt. Unemployment continues to rise (although the government keeps telling us it's 9.1%). Gas prices are outlandishly high with no signs of coming down within the next year. Home foreclosures are continuing at a record rate. If we could save the country right now, it would be a monumental task. Can we afford to wait another 13 months? How much further in decline will our nation be by then?

Simply put, we will end up $14 trillion short and a year late. Many in the Tea Party and the Republican Party are gearing up for what is going to be a "must win" in November 2012. If Obama is reelected, the game is over. His policies will collapse our system and destroy our country. We will not be able to undo the damage after that.

Many tried to warn us in 2008 that electing Obama would be a mistake. A college friend of Obama's, John Drew, tried to warn us. He wrote:
The Obama I knew was nothing like the lifelong pragmatic centrist that he was pretending to be in the 2008 presidential campaign. When I talked politics with the young Obama, he expressed a profound commitment to bringing about a socialist economic system in the U.S. -- completely divorced from the profit motive -- which would occur, in his lifetime, through a potentially violent, Communist-style revolution. In this context, I saw my report on young Obama as a key piece of evidence suggesting a profound continuity in his belief system.
Others like Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and Glenn Beck tried to warn us. As Drew so eloquently pointed out in his piece for American Thinker, it was the media that ran cover for the Manchurian candidacy of Obama. This is precisely why pounding it home relentlessly and repeatedly that the media lies will be a key component to any GOP strategy in 2012.

Getting the hard facts out to the electorate will require circumventing the big three nightly news shows and their networks. It will require circumventing the written media like the New York Times and the Washington Post. It will require telling people to not trust what they see on MSNBC or CNN. Some may not yet believe us, but the American people are quick to anger if it can be proven to them that they have been lied to by the news sources they have trusted for so long. It's hard to break viewing and reading habits, but break them we must.

Monica Crowley points out how Obama is trying to bankrupt America and why he is a radical.

One must understand Obama's radical associations to understand fully where Crowley is coming from. For more on his radical associations, read here and here.

During the 2008 election, the L.A. Times sat on a video of Barack Obama at a dinner with William Ayers where anti-Semitic jokes were being told. From a12iggymom's Blog:
So, the LA Times has video of Obama attending a Jew bash and toasting a radical former PLO operative, and they are not sharing it with the public. I think we all know they would immediately release the tape if it were Sarah Palin making the toast.
Where were the members of the media then? They were busy bashing Sarah Palin. They saw the writing on the wall. They saw that if they didn't politically kill her before she wrote "death panel" or talked about crony capitalism, that they would eventually be exposed for the socialist/progressive supporting lackeys that they really are.

The American people have been flooded with information about the progressive movement, Saul Alinsky and how the permanent political class has taken the control of our system away from the people in a way that softly and quietly undermines the U.S. Constitution. With all the safeguards our Founders put into the document, the key safeguard of it all is an educated citizenry. What we have become is a brainwashed citizenry. Nearly a century of progressive infiltration into the economic, political, social and academic culture could not be undone with 56 days of Sarah Palin on the 2008 campaign trail.

But, over the past three years, much has been said and much has been written about this. Many more Americans are understanding how this works now. Defeating the media myths means changing how one views their sources of information, not by simply making them feel bad or deflating their egos. Millions of Obama voters and Sarah Palin skeptics can be brought into the fold if we can just get them to understand that they are not stupid; but rather that they based a well rationalized belief in hope and change based on some seriously flawed information. Once they realize they can no longer trust the source of that information, these people will resume normal intelligent lives.

Sarah Palin continues to be a threat to the progressive movement as well as the inside the beltway establishment. When she talks about crony capitalism, she talks about a system that has been growing like weeds around our Constitutional government. Liberal cronyism favors environmental and socialistic redistribution of wealth by rewarding the companies of donors who have earned their millions in a capitalist system for the sole purpose of destroying that system. Republican cronyism favors control over the establishment so that it can pick and choose which capitalists succeed and which capitalists fail.

Republican cronyism unintentionally gave us what we ended up with today: a radical President hell bent on fundamentally transforming the system. Republican cronies aren't socialists. They want Obama ousted, too. But, they don't like Gadsden flag waving Americans who want to open up businesses in a regulatory environment that's not weighted in favor of the friends of the establishment. Allowing banks and mortgage companies to be bailed out because they are too big to fail tells the little guy that, conversely, he's too small to succeed. And, it is because of this constant psychological programming that people don't go into business.

We claim to be a capitalist country, but we have nothing that resembles true capitalism anymore. Eliminating socialism by not reelecting Obama is a noble cause, but we must go far beyond that. Taking the system out of the hands of crony socialists and giving it back to crony capitalists will not change the breeding ground for future Obamas.

Sarah Palin told Sean Hannity last night (emphasis added):
Knowing, Sean, how important it is that we get this country back on the right track; knowing, Sean, that it's not enough to just to change up the uniform, we need to change the entire game plan and we need to change the entire team that's been there at the White House doing such great damage to our economy. We need to make sure that we have the best and most qualified the most vetted candidate to come forth and rise to the surface after this primary process.

I do agree with that [Sean Hannity said other candidates have things they can do to strengthen their positions and that anybody on the debate stage would be infinitely better]. I agree, too, that what you’re suggesting is many of us who are supporters of ABO, anybody but Obama, that’s what it’s going to come down to. But, at the same time, as I said though we need to make sure we’re not just switching up the uniform. We need a new team; we need a new game plan. That’s the only way that we’re going to save our country.
Governor Palin is the only potential candidate who effectively and efficiently defines the real problem and offers real solutions to it. Some may come somewhat close. Others may feed us platitudes. But ultimately, it has to be the person who came up with the idea that implements that idea. To do that, she will need a title.

Returning to business as usual after defeating Obama need no longer be an option. It's no longer about the crony capitalists versus the socialists. Sarah Palin gives us a fresh new alternative. She offers us a true free market and a chance for "we the people" to finally break down the barriers and the frustrations that separate us from our government.

Our system needs a complete repeal of many of the regulations and burdensome laws (including many tort laws) before true grassroots capitalism can emerge again. This will not happen until after 2012. And it probably won't happen ever if Sarah Palin isn't elected president.

There are many who are uncomfortable with the idea of a Palin presidency. This can be overcome by learning the lessons of Ronald Reagan. He, too, was seen skeptically by many until they were finally convinced that he was a competent and capable leader who was able to articulate his ideas and surround himself with smart people while earning the support of an army of followers who would go to the mat for him.

Palin's success will be directly related to the ability of those in the new media to effectively convince skeptics that the perception of her has been diabolically crafted by a mainstream media which would rather have acid poured all over them than to see Palin destroy their dream of seeing a socialist America.

When Sarah Palin talked about her journalism degree and set out to use Facebook as a primary means of communication, she wasn't doing it to show everyone how great she was. She was doing it to be an example for millions of Americans who felt they had no way of having their voices heard. This is leadership. Because of what Palin has done, thousands have taken to blogging and millions have taken to social networks to discuss Alinsky, radicalism, the Tea Party movement and the dangers of crony capitalism.

We have become our own media. In doing so, we have now become analysts of the facts. We are not brainwashed lemmings. We argue amongst ourselves, sometimes bitterly. But it is through this dialogue that real myths are debunked and real truths are exposed.

When Glenn Beck is ostracized because he talks about Van Jones and the progressive movement, there's a reason for it. When the Tea Party is falsely accused of being violent racists, there's a reason for it. When Sarah Palin is called unelectable or not intelligent, there's a reason for it. The only way liars can stop the truth from being told is to lie about it. That's why the mainstream media does what it does. That's why the Democrat Party is incapable of convincing the American people any longer to go with stimulus programs and tax hikes.

The question remains, what kind of country will the United States of America be by November 2012? Psychologically, until we can see light at the end of the tunnel and victory as a possibility, we will be, as Sarah Palin has called us, an "anxious nation." Solving our worries is going to require us to accept that it will still get darker before the dawn, but that there is at least a dawn coming.

We may be near economic death, both individually (I'm unemployed and I see it coming unless I find a job) and as a nation (our GDP is anemic and the deficit continues to rise). As people evaluate the GOP candidates, I hear support for different candidates. But, that support comes with addendums like "I like Perry but I have my reservations about Gardasil and cronyism" or " I like Romney but I have my reservations about RomneyCare." Each candidate comes with a caveat. Support is soft to mild at best.

But, with Palin, support is hardcore and entrenched. Her army is stout with informed activists who can help any doubter borrow their confidence. If Americans can believe that she is the dawn we are looking for, we can capture that same spirit that Ronald Reagan captured. It is with that spirit that a downtrodden and economically abused electorate can find its way back to the shining city on a hill.

We may not have much of a country left by November, 2012. But the enthusiasm and real hope America needs to reignite a revival of growth and a restoration of opportunity in this county will have to come long before we actually start to see the results of our labor. This psychological exercise will require that we have an inspirational leader who, like Reagan, is a lightning rod for those who would otherwise sit at home and wallow in their mire. It will also, unfortunately (as history has shown us), require a leader who is reviled by the true enemies of real capitalism and real free enterprise. Because of that, we will have to be strong.

Unbridled capitalism doesn't mean that we will be running roughshod over the marketplace or allowing companies to defraud Americans or exploit their workers. Unbridled capitalism can succeed when good people use the Constitutional system to prosecute fraud and use the power of the Internet to do consumer reviews of companies and products. Government can play its proper role of referee by getting out of the regulation business and back into the oversight business like it was originally intended to.

Using the legislative process to pick winners and losers and pass cushy laws for some at the expense of others must become a thing of the past. Just as Sarah Palin undid the influence of cronyism in big oil in Alaskan politics, so can she undo the influence of cronyism in American politics. Enforcing laws that protect the rights, property and persons of citizens is the appropriate role of government. Micro-managing businesses and regulating lemonade stands is not.

Don't let the Left convince you that capitalism is a heartless system or that being for small government means we hate the poor. Much of the new poor in America have gotten there because of big government, not in spite of it. The Federal Government can shave trillions of dollars by shutting down useless programs, bureaucracies and government agencies. Entitlement programs can be reformed. Liberals will scream bloody murder. But we will either be forced to reform them by the realities or we will reform them ahead of time in advance of problems that we're being warned about now. Don't let Liberals demagogue you by saying these programs can't be reformed.

In addition, we can open America up for business by eliminating the corporate income tax (which would encourage international investment in America and stop the outsourcing of American jobs overseas), unleashing our energy exploration and development programs en masse (which would create over a million new jobs and create real wealth based on energy commodities rather than paper), repatriating trillions of dollars now sitting off shore and reducing the burdensome regulatory costs that go with running businesses.

A richer nation means we can do more for the less fortunate and provide more efficient safety nets. In fact, the more Americans we put back to work and encourage to become wealthy through entrepreneurship, the less poor we will need to attend to.

Now, that's real hope and change. This is the basis upon which a renewed optimism for America can be built. Knowing that Sarah Palin can deliver on this should encourage the business community and all Americans that help is on the way. While we suffer over the next year or so, at least we can suffer knowing that someday the pain will be over and the light will shine brightly again on our blessed nation.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

We Need Governor Palin

An army sits in their camps keeping their powder dry, cleaning their rhetorical weapons and preparing for a massive boots on the ground grass roots operation with air support from the more technologically savvy among us who can post youtube videos and blog posts that will get the message out to the American people. That army awaits their marching orders. To make this happen, we need Governor Palin to give us the go.

It's a big commitment. She has a family to consider. But, her country needs her. We are calling out to her.

Listening to those people yelling out her name, chasing her down for an autograph or a word with her after the Iowa speech is spine tingling. These are not people just looking for a keepsake. The tone in the cries of "Sarah!" has the intonation of that of people crying out for help. It's not a lazy cry for help. These are people who are willing to lift the car off the American body politic. But they need her to help. If she jumps in and helps, these people will pull muscles and rip tendons to help her move that car.

Contrary to what the media says, the Palin army is not a fan club. This is our lives. There are people who are suffering because of what the Obama administration is doing. This ain't no party. This ain't no disco. This ain't no foolin' around. The American dream is at stake. People's livelihoods are at stake. People's children's futures hang on the outcome of the 2012 elections.

Ending the chokehold that both political parties have had on a system that regular people once felt helpless about changing or affecting requires a discussion of how the insider game hurts the regular guy regardless of which side of the aisle he or she sits. Sarah Palin effectively started that discussion and gave it a voice when she articulated clearly how lobbyists and good ole boys from both parties affect legislation in their favor by defining the difference between crony capitalism and true free market principles during her speech in Iowa over Labor Day weekend.

For the diehard Palinista, removing Obama is not enough. Changing the way business is done in Washington is also a key component to that. We've spent decades frustrated by the inability to beat city hall. Now we have a shot to do it, and it can't be done without her.

There are many who believe that without Palin, ending crony capitalism and putting America back on a permanent track toward restoration and renewal can't happen. Anyone can beat Obama. Only one can implement the true vision needed to insure that something like Obama never happens again.

Governor Palin, there are still millions of us out here that want it to be that way; that want it to be a shining city on a hill. Candidate Palin, please step forward.

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